Additional Products and Services

Alarm Repair and Service, Network Cabling Wired & Wireless, Central Station Alarm Monitoring, and more

Our expertise goes beyond the installation of standard systems. We answer our phone long after the installation is done for any service or repair you need. We are also experts in troubleshooting, so we’ll be able to help when there’s a glitch that won’t go away or systems don’t seem to be communicating.

DMC Systems can handle anything that includes mesh wireless networks, cabling, audio/video, and more. If it’s anything tech, we can handle it. Part of being in the tech industry has been responding and adjusting to new advancements in security, automation, networking, and more. The crazy part is we love it. We’re early adaptors of new technology ourselves and love to bring solutions to our customers. Customers often know what they want in their security, automation, or audio/video and now just need someone to bring it together.

We do a number of different networking for homes and offices. Offices need to have connections to multiple systems, including networks, servers, and hardware. Home offices are similar, and sometimes customers may need help with networking or connecting systems they don’t understand. Don’t worry, we know all about it and are happy to help out all our customers.

  • Ethernet and/or Wireless
  • Cat5e & Cat6 Cabling
  • Smart Panel and Smart Panel Upgrades
  • Mesh Wireless Networks

Repair and Service

Unfortunately, systems can fail, and when they do, we understand your need for fast, reliable service, especially security. Of course, other systems, such as automation or home theaters, can be bothersome to break down and take all your concerns seriously.

We can repair and service most makes and models, especially if they are ones we install. Many of the systems we install, especially the security cameras, come with excellent warranties.

Alarm Monitoring

We work with a central station to provide excellent 24/7 system monitoring. Some systems, such as fire, break-ins, and other serious events need a professional response right away. Having around-the-clock constant monitoring gives you the peace of mind that someone on standby always protects your family, business, and property. Let us know if this is something you would like to add to your security system.

Whether you’re looking for a new system or an upgrade, repair, service, or monitoring, call us for your free consultation and get started today. We work with all different levels of systems from the initial automation to full, multi-system security organization.

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