Is Smart Home Energy Management the Wave of the Future?

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Reduce Dependence on the Energy Grid

On July 3, we experienced our hottest day of the year in 2023—112 degrees. And while Las Vegas, NV, is known as one of the hottest cities in America, 112 still falls in the excessive heat category, even for those of us who have spent our lives here. 

Last fall, in the grip of a record-breaking heat wave, NV Energy asked customers to reduce their air conditioner usage to prevent power outages during periods of high demand. With the West’s electricity grid stressed on a yearly basis, one wonders how long before we see rolling blackouts like those that occurred in California.

The good news is that technological advancements have left us with better options that reduce our reliance on the grid and enable us to weather a blackout or severe storm unscathed. Smart home energy management systems help us create our own energy and then manage it, using it during peak energy usage, when rates are high, or when the power goes out.

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How Does a Smart Home Energy Management System Work?

First, we install solar arrays, enabling you to create your own green energy. As energy is created, it’s stored in batteries, allowing you to use it at will. For instance, NV Energy’s time-of-use rate allows customers to save money if they use less energy during peak periods. By switching off the grid and on to your own energy during these times, you can reduce your energy costs. 

These systems are also smart. They know when a severe weather event is on the way and will switch the system to storage only, letting you save energy in case the storm causes a power outage. During an outage, you can select which circuits to keep up and running. For instance, if you want to make dinner, you can switch to specific kitchen circuits while reducing energy usage throughout the rest of your home. When you’re ready for home entertainment, switch again.

Can I Tell How Much Energy My Home Is Using?

Yes. In essence, you’re like your own utility company, able to see through an easy-to-use dashboard what circuits are on and which use the most energy. Should a fuse get tripped, you can see which breaker is the offending party. This bird’s eye view gives you concise information that can help you reduce your energy consumption.

The dashboard also shows you if your energy is coming from solar, battery, or the grid, and it lets you switch from one to the other effortlessly.

Is It Time to Gain Energy Independence? 

Scientists are sounding the alarm: It’s clear that the U.S. power grid and its aging infrastructure are not ready for the effects of climate change and the extreme weather events that come with it. 

Are you ready to experience the freedom and independence that comes with a smart home energy management system? To learn more about this remarkable technology or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact DMC Systems LLC today.

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