• I’m very pleased with my decision to install DMC Systems surveillance equipment at my property. The components were quite extensive and the installation went smoothly. David is very responsive whenever I have a question or need any adjustments. I highly recommend DMC Systems.

    Gail Fitzgerald

  • Prior to getting service through DMC, I was quoted $18 monthly. I’ve been a customer for over 3 years now and guess what ??? I still only pay $18 a month. Most companies would have raised their rates many times by now. Beside that, the service is top notch. Easy mobile app to navigate my alarm and camera system from anywhere across the country. I am completely happy with DMC !!!!

    Reggie B.

  • I’ve got a system setup at my house, and we are happy. A little pricey but when you want the best you’re going to pay for it. Their work is very clean and they’re the only ones in this business that doesn’t show wire outside your house, this is very nice. Have a problem, he’ll come out to your house to fix it. Trust me, I’ll be calling him very soon to expand my services.

    Luis Fuentes

  • David from DMC was referred by a neighbor. He is knowledgeable, attentive, very hard working. His alarm system is top notch & competitively priced. Very hard to go wrong using DMC.

    Jim Turner

  • I first found this company while driving down 215. Gave them a call and they have treated me like family since our first interaction. They use the best equipment and technology and are very knowledgeable. I’ve had 6 to seven projects with them and they are clean and professional every visit.

    Christopher Crotty

  • DMC Systems LLC offers efficient, affordable security systems, that will give you complete peace of mind !!! Call them today and check out the security options they offer for your home or business! Highly recommend!

    Phronsie Markin

  • I used DMC Systems to install surveillance cameras, a home theater system, a whole house intercom system, CAT 5 to every room in my house and to update my alarm system. David was great to work with. I was picky and made oodles of changes along the way (“add this, add that, etc.”). He was flexible and offered an array of options to accommodate my goals, essentially a good, better and best option. I have a two story house and was worried about the number of holes he would need to put in my first floor ceiling to get the job done. However, his experience and expertise kept the repair work to a bare minimum. I was initially not quite satisfied with the placement of one camera (where I chose the location) and David came back and addressed it without question. His work was the highest quality I could ask for and his price beat the other four bids I received. Then I had difficulty figuring out how to make copies of the surveillance video recorded on my DVR (I’m not too tech savvy). I called David (after hours) and he was able to walk me through it in a few minutes. Then I had a CAT 5 port stop working (probably damaged by other contractors I had working at the same time). David came back out and didn’t pass blame or make any excuses. He simply fixed the port and made sure I was satisfied. I could go on for another two paragraphs but essentially I couldn’t expect more from a company than I’ve received from DMC Systems and I will use them in the future and recommend them to all those who matter to me.

    Michael Blackwell

  • DMC installed my cameras and monitors the alarm. DMC has constantly been there when I had questions and when the alarm was set off. Easy to communicate with and professional.

    Chris Bunn

  • I’m very happy with DMV. Installation was quick and professional. The few times I’ve had an issue or a question, I receive a very quick response.

    Vickee Oberman

  • David and his team do exceptional work and are reasonably priced. I would always recommend them. Thank you.

    Brian Rogers

  • Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

    Kory Pierce

  • Always on time. Great on your needs for security.

    Phil Ford


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