How Smart Commercial Security Cameras Are Protecting Businesses

A commercial security camera inside a business.

Discover How Two-Way Audio and Smart Surveillance Combat Rising Crime

Like any other major city, Las Vegas, NV, is no stranger to criminals. In November 2023, several armed robberies took place in businesses across town, with one victim injured. One small business in southwest Las Vegas was targeted four times in 2023.

In response, businesses have reached out, asking for the best methods for protection. As these are often crimes of opportunity, it’s important to pay extra attention to lighting in areas where intruders gain entry and consider adding motion-detection lights. Trim trees and shrubs, consider panic buttons, and install commercial security cameras

As video technology gets smarter, these cameras provide crystal-clear images in the dark, cover 360-degree views, integrate with lighting, provide two-way audio, and send an alert as soon as trouble is detected. 

Let’s look at some of the top features of today’s smart cameras and determine if they can benefit your business and if it may be time for an upgrade.

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Types of Commercial Security Cameras

Today’s advanced cameras can protect a single business or multiple locations, offering real-time views on the same platform. From discreet dome cameras for interior use to bullet and turret models with superior night vision and expansive views for outdoor areas, they can cover all areas of your business.

Security Camera Smart Features

At DMC Systems, our team of experts will perform a site survey to determine the most vulnerable areas and set up digital perimeters. You’ll receive an alert and live video feed when someone crosses these unseen borders, ensuring a prompt response when time is crucial. Because the cameras are smart, they can tell the difference between people and animals, ensuring you only receive alerts that matter.

Today’s cameras also offer two-way audio, letting you speak directly to the person caught on camera. When an intrusion event is detected, lights immediately start flashing, and an integrated alarm or whistle sounds. In many instances, these effects are enough to send the criminal running. 

You’ll receive real-time alerts when someone attempts to gain access to your property after hours or if someone’s loitering in out-of-bound areas or by vulnerable access locations, allowing you to proactively deter intruders. 

Always in the Know

With interior cameras, you’ll always know what’s happening at your business. You’ll know when packages arrive, when employees leave, and if someone enters a secure area. We can activate the alerts that matter the most to you so you only receive essential notifications.

These cameras can also help you manage everyday operations, giving you insights into customer traffic patterns, and average wait times to help you make important decisions, such as product placement and staffing needs.

Are you ready to experience advanced protection for your business? DMC Systems is happy to help. We offer commercial security cameras and systems designed for all types of business, installing customized solutions that provide additional safety for you, your employees, and your assets. To learn more about commercial security cameras or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact DMC Systems today.

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