Savant Home Automation Makes Managing Your Home Effortless

A TV displaying Savant’s video tiling with an overlayed image of the Savant app.

Control Your Smart Home from One Single Intuitive App

Smart home automation is taking the world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Instead of pulling cords to lower shades and flipping light switches in every room, a home automation platform provides one-touch control from anywhere. And it gets even better.

At DMC Systems LLC, we pride ourselves on creating easy-to-use smart homes that offer unparalleled convenience for managing lighting, climate, security, entertainment, pools, spas, and more. To accomplish this, we partner with Savant home automation, the platform for luxury homes.

Let’s explore how you can control your home in Henderson, NV, with one touch.

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Controlling Your Home from a Single Intuitive App

Savant was the first platform to let homeowners manage their homes from an app on their mobile devices. In fact, the company made headlines when Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO, was shown controlling his super luxury yacht via the Savant app. 

Imagine adjusting the temperature, transforming the lighting, lowering the motorized shades, and choosing a playlist for your whole-home audio system from your smartphone or tablet. The Savant app was designed with elegant simplicity, making it effortless to manage your home no matter where you are. 

From this same app, you can monitor your security cameras and speak to people at your door or gate. You can also set personal profiles so every family member can access their favorite settings for life’s varied activities.

The Savant Touch

The Savant Touch offers effortless control from a stunning, high-resolution touchscreen. It’s the same interface as your smartphone, displaying rooms, devices, and scenes. 

By programming scenes, you control multiple systems simultaneously. For instance, tap the ‘Outdoor Entertaining’ icon, and your landscape lights illuminate, the outdoor firepit ignites, and your ‘Party’ playlist streams through your home and outdoor areas. The only limit in a Savant home is your imagination.

Automated Control

We can also program your smart home to prepare itself for you in advance. Do you usually open the shades when you wake up and turn on the morning news or your favorite playlist? We’ll program your smart home to set the stage for you when the sun crosses the horizon. We’ll also instruct it to adjust the temperature and make your latte to ensure you get your day started right. 

When you leave, the lights dim, the shades lower, the doors lock, and the security arms. Do you want to warm up your home, heat the spa, and turn on the landscape lights to welcome you at the end of a long day? Pull up the app and tap the ‘Relax’ icon; the perfect environment awaits your arrival. A Savant smart home offers incredible ease of living that’s hard to imagine until experienced.  

At DMC Systems LLC, many of our clients want to retain their home’s aesthetics while enjoying the comfort, convenience, and enjoyment smart home living brings. Switches, thermostats, and remotes are replaced with strategically placed touchscreens and elegant in-wall keypads that seamlessly integrate with your home’s design. And, of course, there’s always your smartphone app.

To learn about the incredible features found in Savant home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact DMC Systems LLC today.

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